What's the game?
The Periodic Table of Cheese - The Game - is a cheese tasting game. There have been competitive cheese tasting events forever, but now - thanks to the way the Periodic Table is laid out, for the first time you can have POINTS for getting close. This means that both cheese experts and casual cheese lovers can take part and still have a chance of winning!
How do I play?
When you arrive you'll be given a team card and a copy of the Periodic Table of Cheese. In the room you'll find 10 mystery cheeses laid out... plus crackers, fruit etc - this is still a cheese tasting after all! You have an hour to taste all the cheeses, and decide which 'element' on the table you think they are. At the end of the hour, hand in your card and your choices will be entered into the computer...
Then what?
Then, we go into gameshow mode! On a big screen you'll see the results played out team by team, cheese by cheese, until we have a winner! If we have a tie, we'll have a sudden death tie-breaker. As soon as the night is over you'll be able to see your results on the website (and share them) - with leaderboards team by team, but also town by town and region by region!
What's the prize?
It'll be different every time. I won't lie to you, it's likely to be cheese.
Where can I play and how do I get tickets?
Click here to view Upcoming Events. If there's nothing near you, contact us and suggest an awesome local place for us to run a night and we'll see what we can do!
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